Animoca Brands subsidiary Darewise Entertainment to launch the first metaverse ecosystem token on Bitcoin; announces strategic engagement with Horizen Labs

TOKEN2049, Singapore, September 14th, 2023, Chainwire

Darewise Entertainment, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands and the visionary force behind the Life Beyond Gaming Metaverse, announced today a strategic engagement with Horizen Labs for technical token, development, and consulting services. Horizen Labs, which previously provided smart contracting and token strategy advice relating to the launch of ApeCoin (APE), will help Darewise Entertainment to realize its vision of launching the first-ever metaverse token for the Bitcoin ecosystem.

The upcoming token launched by Darewise Entertainment will be the first of its kind to power a full ecosystem on Bitcoin for gaming, brands, and IRL experiences, and Life Beyond is the first gaming metaverse set to use the token for in-game assets, virtual lands, and more. 

Yat Siu, the co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, commented on the strategic partnership: “With the advent of the Ordinals protocol, we’re witnessing a pivotal moment for Bitcoin as it extends its reach and introduces the concept of culture. High-quality gaming is one of the keys to mass adoption, and we’re thrilled that our AAA studio Darewise Entertainment is working on this untapped opportunity in partnership with Horizen Labs, a pioneer and expert in its field.”

The Darewise Entertainment team, composed of AAA gaming veterans with the support of the Animoca Brands network, and Horizen Labs, a pioneer in blockchain and tokenized experiences, represent some of the most experienced teams in the Web3 space.

Founded in 2019, Horizen Labs is dedicated to building a more secure and equitable digital world at the heart of the decentralization revolution. The company’s mission is to relentlessly focus on securing the world’s transition to Web3. Horizen Labs brings strong expertise in zero-knowledge cryptography and building essential Web3 tools and features that enable programmable, scalable blockchains and protocols.

Benjamin Charbit, co-founder and CEO Darewise Entertainment, added: “We’re still in the early innings, but the potential for Bitcoin to become more than just a store of value is immense. To achieve that potential we need to roll up our sleeves and build, and that’s the essence of our partnership with Horizen Labs. We’re joining forces to contribute to the foundational infrastructure that the Bitcoin ecosystem needs to truly flourish. This is about collaboration, community, and contributing to a collective effort that could redefine the digital landscape.” 

Horizen Labs will provide technical services, consultation on tokenomics, and the buildout of important tools and applications to further Ordinals ecosystem.

Vincent Marty, chief product officer at Darewise Entertainment, emphasized: “Over the next few months, we will unveil a lot of technological breakthroughs we have been working on that will power not only Life Beyond Chapter 1 2024 but also metaverses and games around the world. We are working tirelessly to make sure we will have true utility in this ecosystem when our token is launched.”

Robert Viglione, CEO of Horizen Labs, noted: “We are beyond thrilled to be working with Darewise Entertainment and Animoca Brands on this project. Our long history with Bitcoin, from which the Horizen ecosystem grew, makes this an inspiring project for us to contribute to. We look forward to working with the excellent Life Beyond team and bringing our expertise to this important technological innovation within the space. We can’t wait to push the Bitcoin, Ordinals ecosystems forward while expanding the footprint of our work at Horizen.”


This announcement has been inscribed (inscription 31,335,604) on an 2023 Uncommon Sat 1939471875000000 on September 14, 2023, 7:26 PM GMT+8 thanks to the support of Xverse and Generatord teams.

This is the first public announcement inscribed on uncommon sat using reinscriptions.

Bitcoin is not only a canvas, but an immutable news source.

Legal Disclaimer

The purpose of this announcement is to announce the partnership between Darewise Entertainment and Horizen Labs. This announcement does not constitute or form part of any opinion on any advice to purchase, or any solicitation of any offer by anyone in relation to a token or to purchase any token nor shall it or any part of it nor the fact of its presentation form the basis of, or be relied upon in connection with, any contract or investment decision. 

At the time of this announcement, the legal structure of the token has yet to be finalised and given the rapidly evolving regulations for crypto assets, the legal structure of the token, including the features and characteristics of the token and the jurisdictions in which such token may be available, is subject to change to ensure compliance with relevant regulations. No token has been launched by Darewise Entertainment and, if launched, such token may not be available in all jurisdictions.

About Horizen Labs

Founded in 2019, Horizen Labs is dedicated to building a more secure and equitable digital world at the heart of the decentralization revolution. The company’s mission is to relentlessly focus on securing the world’s transition to Web3.  A globally distributed team with offices in Milan and New York City, Horizen Labs offers strong expertise in zero-knowledge cryptography and building essential Web3 tools and features that enable programmable, scalable blockchains and protocols.

For more information, visit

About Darewise Entertainment 

Darewise Entertainment, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, is a Web3 game technology company founded by veterans of the AAA games industry that is currently developing the sci-fi MMO Life Beyond. Core team includes Benjamin Charbit (Game Director, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag), Marc Albinet (Game Director, Assassin’s Creed Unity and Dying Light 2), Christian Bravery (Art Director, Black & White, and the Fable series), Samuel Kahn (Tech Lead, Ubisoft’s Snowdrop Engine and Crytek’s Cryengine) and Vincent Marty (Head of Marketing, Ubisoft EMEA _ VP ESL Gaming). Darewise Entertainment is a multicultural team with offices in Paris, Barcelona, and London. The company strongly believes in the positive power of online video games to create meaningful, interactive, and social experiences. 

For more information, visit here.

About Life Beyond

Life Beyond is a gaming metaverse where players embark on a journey to build a new civilization on Planet Dolos. In this sci-fi world powered by a player-driven tokenized economy, player-citizens can decide who they want to become and the role they want to play in Life Beyond’s complex and many-layered society. Developed and published by Darewise Entertainment, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, the project embraces the open metaverse philosophy to create immersive experiences with an emphasis on true ownership and interoperability.

Website | Discord | Instagram | Twitter

About Animoca Brands

Animoca Brands, a Deloitte Tech Fast winner, a Fortune Crypto 40 company, and one of the Financial Times’ High Growth Companies Asia-Pacific 2023, is a Web3 leader that leverages blockchain to deliver digital property rights to consumers around the world to help to establish the open metaverse. The company develops and publishes a broad portfolio of products including original games such as The Sandbox, Phantom Galaxies, Life Beyond, and Crazy Defense Heroes, and products utilizing popular intellectual properties from the worlds of sports and entertainment, such as The Walking Dead, Power Rangers, MotoGP™, and Formula E. It has multiple subsidiaries, including The Sandbox, Blowfish Studios, Quidd, GAMEE, nWay, Pixowl, Forj, Lympo, Animoca Brands Japan, Grease Monkey Games, Eden Games, Darewise Entertainment, Notre Game, TinyTap, Be., PIXELYNX, and WePlay Media. Animoca Brands is one of the most active investors in Web3, with a  portfolio of over 450 Web3 investments, both directly and through Animoca Ventures, including Yuga Labs, Axie Infinity, Polygon, Consensys, Fireblocks, OpenSea, Dapper Labs, Yield Guild Games, Alien Worlds, and many more. For more information visit or follow on Twitter or Facebook.


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