Apple will announce the iPhone 15 on September 12

The rumors were right as usual. Apple’s next event iPhone is scheduled for September 12. The firm just sent out invites for the event, once again scheduled for its Apple Park headquarters in Cupertino. The invite features a Thanos snap-like graphic (spoilers), accompanied by the word “Wonderlust” [sic].

The iPhone 15 will almost certainly be the centerpiece for the big show. Given the big deal it made for the iPhone X, it seems like the new version of the handset could bring a big upgrade the line. Given how the overall market has been trending, a much needed injection of excitement could go a long way. Likely not a foldable-level of excitement, but excitement, nonetheless.

Speaking of legislation, Apple also recently threw its weight behind a right to repair bill currently making its way through California state legislation. A recent shift toward supporting self-repair could find the company touting the new phone’s repairability. It would be a massive shift in direction from the company’s historical stance, but stranger things have certainly happened. Other tipped rumors including slimmer bezels and the addition of the Dynamic Island across the line.

The Apple Watch Series 9 is also a slam dunk for the show.


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