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Artificial Intelligence Is Seeping Into All of Your Gadgets

Lauren Goode: Yeah. After the summer of spectacle.

Michael Calore: The summer of spectacle.

Lauren Goode: Big, loud movies and concerts and sporting events. This sounds a lot quieter.

Michael Calore: And shout-out to Greta Lee, the actor who is on one of your favorite shows The Morning Show, and one of our—

Lauren Goode: She’s great. She’s Stella on The Morning Show.

Michael Calore: Yep. One of our mutual favorites, which is Russian Doll. She’s also in that show as well. She’s the lead in the movie, and she’s amazing. She’s so good.

Lauren Goode: Cool. And where did you see this? Did you go to the theater?

Michael Calore: On a couch.

Lauren Goode: Which service?

Michael Calore: I don’t go to movie theaters anymore.

Lauren Goode: Why not?

Michael Calore: Because all the people.

Lauren Goode: It bugs?

Michael Calore: It’s just—

Lauren Goode: Oh, people. Yeah, those.

Michael Calore: Yeah. I’m a media elite.

Lauren Goode: You’re right. So, it could be a whole Classy episode about this. So, Apple TV or like—

Michael Calore: I think we rented it from the Bezos machine.

Lauren Goode: The Bezos machine.

Michael Calore: From Amazon, I think. I can’t really remember.

Lauren Goode: Cool. But you think this is going to be up for Oscars?

Michael Calore: Absolutely. Absolutely. Big splash. It’s got Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. I think it’s a big movie. Anyway, you should see it now before everybody’s talking about it so that you can be the cool one.

Lauren Goode: All right, Past Lives. I’m totally going to watch it.

Michael Calore: It’s great. You’ll love it.

Lauren Goode: The last movie you advised that I watch was—

Michael Calore: Oh, was it The Worst Person in the World?

Lauren Goode: Yes, yes. And it just—

Michael Calore: Devastating.

Lauren Goode: … destroyed me. It did. I was taking time off from work. I was in this cabin off the remote coast of Maine by myself, and I was just devastated. So good though.

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