Bybit CEO Ben Zhou discusses the future of crypto exchanges at Token2049 Asia’s Crypto Summit: “We’re Focused on Building Crypto Infrastructure”

While the crypto market may be going through a rough patch, crypto leaders see this period as a perfect opportunity to raise awareness about cryptocurrencies among both institutions and the general public. They are also actively working on building the necessary crypto infrastructure to support millions of future retail investors. One of these leaders is Bybit’s co-founder and CEO, Ben Zhou.

During his presentation at Asia’s Crypto Summit Token2049, the world’s premier crypto event in Singapore, the top crypto event in Singapore, Zhou outlined his vision for the future of crypto exchanges.

“Our job is not to create the next killer app or digital asset; we’re building roads and charging a small fee to provide extremely efficient and usable access to the crypto market. Right now, I don’t see these services being offered elsewhere.”

Zhou’s presentation comes just a month after Bybit’s recently concluded World Series of Trading (WSOT) in Dubai, UAE, which attracted over 100,000 traders from every corner of the globe.

During his discussion about decentralized finance (DeFi), Zhou stressed that Bybit’s products are designed to simplify DeFi for users. “We love DeFi and we want to bring people to Defi, but using blockchain wallets is still scary for many people. So we’re determined to educate the public and build products for beginners, to bring them the yield of ETH staking, or real-world assets like on-chain US Treasuries.”

Since its inception five years ago, Bybit has significantly expanded its market presence even in the midst of a bear market, securing a place among the top three exchanges in various aspects, including trustworthiness according to CoinGecko. In the fiercely competitive crypto exchange landscape, Zhou expressed his satisfaction with Bybit’s exceptional performance in recent years.

“We don’t want anything bad to happen to Binance,” Zhou said. “We want strong competition to inspire us to provide the best products, especially in the institutional space, and offering yields that beat traditional financial products.”

Founded in March 2018, Bybit offers a professional crypto exchange platform where crypto traders can find an ultra-fast matching engine, excellent customer service, and multilingual community support. Currently, Bybit is the world’s third most visited cryptocurrency exchange with more than 5 million registered users.

The ByBit crypto trading exchange offers a professional platform where crypto traders can find an ultra-fast matching engine, excellent customer service, and multilingual community support. That’s not all, Bybit also partners with the Oracle Red Bull Racing team, the current Constructors’ and Drivers’ champions in Formula One.

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