Carden The Twin beautiful & functional trash can is a dual-compartment statement piece

Make sure your essential home items add style rather than detract from your decor. The Carden The Twin beautiful & functional trash can does just that with its useful dual-compartment design and sleek look.


Stylish design: Choose from black or white color options and enjoy the modern design that ensures it both blends into your home and stands out with style.
Integrated dustpan and broom: The compact dustpan and broom slide in behind the bins. Simply access them with the push-to-release mechanism.
Dual compartments: With two 6.6-gallon compartments, it’s ideal for both your trash and recycling.
Advanced lid: Lock it open if you need access while cooking. And it soft closes in such a satisfying way.


Upgrade your kitchen, and your life, with this innovative trash can.

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