Chiliz unveils SportFi ecosystem with 25 strategic partnerships, empowering sports brands to launch innovative products

The Emerging Chiliz Ecosystem

The expansive Chiliz Chain is quickly transforming itself as the central hub for leading sports brands in web3, inviting innovators to explore pioneering SportFi applications. Over 80 Fan Tokens from premier sports clubs such as FC Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City, Juventus, S.S.C Napoli, Inter Milan, AC Milan, Arsenal, Atlético Madrid, and A.S. Roma have already been launched on the Chiliz Chain through The app has seen over 2 million users, and a total of 138 million Fan Tokens have already been sold.

These Fan Tokens, with a daily trading volume 400% higher than the global NFT market, are now tradable across multiple marketplaces including Binance, OKX, Bitget, Paribu, ChilizX, and others. The ecosystem encompasses a wide range of community apps (like, custodial solutions (BitGet Wallet, Magic Link, Fireblocks, etc.), and upcoming DeFi lending and DEX solutions (Lenx, PepperSwap).

What sets the Chiliz ecosystem apart is its diverse offerings beyond Fan Tokens. It extends to metaverse-based sports experiences, immersive football, and football manager games, interactive community platforms driven by incentives and engagement, and social gaming products that enable fans to compete, collaborate, and socialize in new ways. Additionally, it caters to digital sports collectibles and their exchange avenues.

This multifaceted ecosystem not only introduces multiple new revenue streams for the sports industry but also signifies a transformative shift in how fans engage with sports, bringing them closer to their favorite teams in unprecedented ways. As the ecosystem expands, a network effect is expected to further reinforce its success.

Permissionless Building

Chiliz Chain has transitioned into a permissionless platform, enabling developers and companies to launch projects, smart contracts, and tokens without governance obstacles. This marks a significant stride in Chiliz’s goal to integrate blockchain technology into sports and entertainment, fostering the creation of fan-centric dApps while ensuring user and partner protection through mechanisms that guard against IP infringement, threats, and fraud.

Understanding “SportFi”

SportFi is the amalgamation of sports and decentralization, empowering fans, transforming sports into valuable assets, and fortifying brand-fan relationships through blockchain technology. This encompasses:

Sport + DeFi: Merging sports passion with web3’s decentralized finance (DeFi) to enrich interactions between fans and their beloved sports entities, opening avenues for partners to invest and engage with the community.

The commodification of Sports: Transitioning sports into valuable assets or a “CommodiFi” industry, enabling fans to transact and participate within fan communities without compromising the team’s governance or financial stability.

Sport Fidelity: Using blockchain to strengthen the relationship between sports brands and fans, reinforced by asset ownership – fans and ecosystem participants get to own their access and membership.

Chiliz Chain’s Role in SportFi

The Chiliz Chain forms the foundational infrastructure powering SportFi products, a Layer-1 EVM-compatible blockchain specifically tailored for the sports and entertainment sectors. It facilitates the creation and management of fungible digital assets like Fan Tokens for fan engagement and NFTs for ticketing and memorabilia.

In essence, the operational SportFi ecosystem by Chiliz Chain boasts over 25 key partnerships, offering tangible benefits to the sports industry, from fan tokens to novel forms of engagement. As the ecosystem expands, the anticipated network effect is set to enrich offerings and value for sports brands, fans, and developers. The collaborations integral to this success are appreciated, and there’s an eagerness for ongoing collaboration in exploring this innovative frontier in sports and technology.

Key Figures:

  • Over 2 million users of the app within the Chiliz chain, making it the largest non-finance/trading-centric web3 consumer-facing product globally by user base.
  • Sale of 138 million Fan Tokens to sports fans in 160 different countries.
  • Launch of 3,000+ Fan Polls, allowing fans to vote on kit designs, squad numbers, celebration songs, inspirational messages, and more.
  • Redemption of 16,000+ Rewards, including exclusive experiences like acting as the team’s official announcer during a home game and playing a match at the team’s stadium alongside club legends.
  • Over 3 million transactions were conducted on the Chiliz Chain.
  • Generation of $437 million in revenues for the sports industry since 2018.

Founded in 2018, Chiliz is a blockchain startup company focused on the sports and entertainment sectors. The company specializes in developing scalable, secure blockchain solutions that elevate fan experiences through the use of digital assets.

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