Davcarve L1: World 1st multi-module engraver & DIY Center is LIVE on Kickstarter

Beaverlab is an industry-leading engraving technology company, committed to developing innovative tech products that seamlessly blend technology and creativity to bring everyone’s ideas to life. Their latest product, Davcarve L1, a versatile and powerful multi-module engraver and cutter, is set to launch on Kickstarter with a 55% discount on October 10, 2023 (EST).

Featuring these parts, Davcarve L1 stands out from common engravers & cutters on the market:

  • 6 modules in 1 machine for effortless processing of a range of materials
  • Comes with a fully assembled machine and easily replaceable modules
  • Ultra-large 2,000cm² working space & 4 axes(X+Y+Z+A axis )
  • Brand-developed App LaserCreate allows lifetime updates and supports free download of the image library.

6 modules in 1 machine

Davcarve L1 is a 6 modules in one machine: a 2W infrared laser module, 10W blue laser module, 20W blue laser module, CNC module, fine point module, and artistic drawing module.

Davcarve L1 is designed for everyone who wishes to turn creative ideas into profitable DIY businesses without effort. With a simple module swap, it can transform into a dual-laser engraver(2W infrared laser and 10W, 20W blue laser modules), precision CNC router, DIY cutter, or automated drawing machine. The 10W and 20W blue laser modules excel at precise engraving and cutting on various materials, while the 2W infrared laser module is ideal for metal engraving.

Equipped with the CNC module, it morphs into a robust CNC router capable of handling materials of varying thicknesses, including PCBs. The Fine Point Blade Module effortlessly cuts through cardstock, vinyl decals, and bonded fabric, allowing for the creation of personalized papercraft, stickers, and labels. For those less skilled in drawing, the Automatic Drawing Module seamlessly transforms hand-drawn artwork into professional-grade creations, guided by preset parameters and desired effects such as illustrations or sketches.

Fully assembled machine & easily replaceable modules

The Davcarve L1 comes fully assembled, relieving you of any installation hassles. Simply attach the modules and embark on your engraving journey effortlessly. What’s more, the dovetail slot design on the work modules enables lightning-fast one-second installation and removal, eliminating the need for power or air connections, and making it incredibly user-friendly.

 2,000 cm² working space & 4 axes

The expansive 400 mm x 500 mm workspace of the Davcarve L1 provides you with the freedom to create without limitations. When equipped with additional risers, the work height extends to 110mm, enhancing its versatility. What truly distinguishes the Davcarve L1 from conventional laser engravers is its incorporation of X, Y, A, and Z axes, enabling the machine to engrave, cut, and carve materials at varying heights. This unique capability not only facilitates intricate designs but also sets it apart from other brands that lack the 42mm Z-axis functionality.

LaserCreate App

Beaverlab’s in-house developed LaserCreate app offers an array of powerful features. To begin with, LaserCreate stands out by offering lifelong updates, ensuring users always have access to the latest features and top-notch performance.

Plus, this app allows users to freely download an extensive image library, delivering a continuous stream of creative resources. Moreover, it allows select the language of your choice and process a wide range of vector graphic formats, including DXF, SVG, JPG, PNG, BMP, and NC. Whether you’re an individual crafting your unique projects, engaged in personalized gift-making, or running your entrepreneurial venture, LaserCreate equips you with a user-friendly and robust toolkit to effortlessly bring your creative visions to life.

For more detailed information, please click here.

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