Drop + Boba.Types DCD Lunar New Year keycap set celebrates the year of the dragon

Meet the Drop + Boba.Types DCD Lunar New Year keycap set, celebrating 2024—the year of the dragon in the Chinese zodiac.


Dragon’s Embrace: This set is a fiery fusion of vibrant reds and opulent golds, inspired by the majestic dragons of Chinese mythology. Crafted with intricate designs, there are soaring dragons and traditional symbols. These keycaps embody the spirit of celebration and renewal.

Elevated Profile: Embracing the DCD profile, these keycaps offer a tactile experience like no other. With a unique PBT texture, they’re reminiscent of dragon scales. Plus, they offer both durability and elegance.

Signature Compatibility: Designed by Boba.Types, this set is tailored to fit Cherry MX switches and their clones. Expect seamless integration with your mechanical keyboard.


Bring a striking, lunar New Year-inspired look to your work or gaming space with the DCD Lunar New Year!

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