Elon Musk says two “very mentally ill” people with guns tried to assassinate him

In a candid conversation on Sunday night, Elon Musk said that “very mentally ill” people attempted to kill him in Austin, Texas. Musk made the shocking revelation during an episode of X Spaces with Dr. Gad Saad, a distinguished professor of marketing at Montreal’s Concordia University.

During the hour-long interview, Musk delved into the complexities of his unparalleled level of fame and its ramifications on his daily life. Despite acknowledging the kindness of people he encounters, he lamented the challenges of maintaining privacy, citing instances where outings to restaurants inevitably lead to crowds clamoring for selfies with the billionaire entrepreneur.

The world’s richest man also told the X Spaces audience, “I can’t easily go to the mall or a movie theater or walk around without creating a ruckus.”

Saad asked Musk: “Do you have security around in your daily life?” Musk responded: “Yes. It’s very rare for me to get death threats.”  DogeDesigner, one of Musk’s fans, reportedly quoted him as saying during the interview:

“I have had two cases in the last six months where two people, unfortunately very mentally ill, came to try to kill me in Austin with guns.”

Reflecting on the security measures he employs, Musk revealed that while it’s rare for him to receive death threats, he has nonetheless faced two alarming incidents within the past six months where individuals, whom he described as mentally unstable, attempted to attack him in Austin, armed with firearms.

This isn’t the first time Musk has grappled with security concerns. In December 2022, he shared a disturbing incident involving a “crazy stalker” who trailed a vehicle transporting his son, X Æ A-Xii. Responding swiftly, Musk took action against accounts disseminating real-time location information, underlining his commitment to safeguarding his family’s privacy.

Yet, Musk’s unwavering support for unrestricted speech has stirred controversy, drawing ire from various quarters including government circles and media outlets. Critics have accused the Biden administration of leveraging federal agencies to target Musk’s enterprises, citing it as a possible motive behind the attacks.

Meanwhile, amidst escalating tensions, Musk has been observed accompanied by security personnel, even during routine visits such as to Twitter’s headquarters, underscoring the heightened vigilance surrounding his safety.

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