Elon Musk wants $250k for X/Twitter handle @acquire; declines $20k offer from the founder of Acquire.com

Acquire.com, formerly known as Microacquire.com, is a global marketplace for entrepreneurs and startup founders looking to buy and sell businesses worldwide. In October 2022, the startup rebranded itself, adopting the new name after purchasing Acquire.com for $200,000, founder and CEO Andrew Gazdecki said in a post on X (formerly Twitter).

As part of the post, Gazdecki also hinted about paying $8/month to use the matching Twitter (X) handle @acquire.

“We paid ~$200,000 for http://acquire.com. Will pay $8/month for @acquire!”  Gazdecki said.

A few days earlier, Gazdecki had reached out to Musk about the possibility of acquiring the suspended Twitter handle @acquire.

“Shooting my shot! Any chance we could use this handle @elonmusk? It’s been unused and suspended for years. We’ve contacted support without any response and we own the domain. We’re happy with @acquiredotcom but we’d make good use of @acquire!”

That’s not all. Gazdecki also shared how he had assisted Elon Musk in “buying a new couch years ago.” This incident regarding the couch was previously covered by BuzzFeedNews. However, even this anecdote failed to persuade Musk to relinquish the Twitter handle to Gazdecki.

In March 2023, Gazdecki offered to pay X $20,000 for the @acquire handle.

“Hey @elonmusk I’ll pay Twitter $20k for the suspended and unused @acquire handle for my startup @acquiredotcom. It’s just sitting there. I’ll put it to good use! Let me be your first customer for the upcoming handles marketplace. Got Russ Hanneman to pitch this to you,” Gazdecki said on X.

Fast forward eight months later, Gazdecki found himself still without the handle. However, the latest news is that Musk’s X has made it known that it wants $250,000 to release the @acquire account to Gazdecki. Interestingly, this asking price exceeds the amount it originally cost Acquire to acquire the domain name Acquire.com. In a post on Friday Gazdecki said:

“Since the news is out the cost to free @acquire for the love of startups is $250,000 (more than the domain).

Gazdecki continued, “Unfortunately we’re happy with @acquiredotcom for $0.00. We had a blast chasing that handle because the answer is always no unless you ask! Congrats to the future owner!”

Appearing somewhat discouraged, Gazdecki posted a video featuring Russ Hanneman’s attempt to persuade Musk to hand over the @acquire handle to his company.

“For the love of startups please let us use this Twitter handle instead of @acquiredotcom for our rebrand. Just shooting my shot!”

It’s truly unfortunate that Musk denies the company that genuinely deserves the suspended Twitter handle, the opportunity to use the matching handle @acquire. We hope that Musk will have a change of mind and release the handle to Acquire.com.

Founded in 2020 by Andrew Gazdecki, the San Francisco-based Acquire.com is the world’s most extensive marketplace for startup acquisitions, facilitating startups and online businesses in finding buyers and achieving acquisition. Their mission is to assist all entrepreneurs in getting acquired without incurring fees, commissions, or unnecessary complications.

In October alone, the company reported that a total of 94 startups were acquired for $9 million. Acquire.com also reported over 14,000 new buyers and more than – 300+ new startups listed on its platform during the same period.


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