eufy Video Doorbell E340 eliminates blind spots with 2 cameras

Eliminate blindspots at your front door with the eufy Video Doorbell E340. It has 2 cameras, 2K HD clarity, and more! Discover it.


Dual Cameras: Two cameras work together to eliminate the unseen area in front of your door. The front-facing camera focuses on visitors, and the downward-facing camera gives you a view of the floor.

Face-Recognizing AI: Meanwhile, this AI video doorbell is pretty smart! It recognizes human faces and packages. Also, it sends notifications if there’s a known person or a stranger at your door.

Color Vision: What’s more, this smart doorbell offers color vision, day and night.

2K FHD Clarity: Then, the 2K clarity shows clear details of anyone who visits.

Wired/Battery Power: Plus, the E340 comes in both wired and battery-powered options. So you can get a design that suits your home.


Enhance your home’s security with this video doorbell!

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