Flare Blockchain is now supported on Arkham Intelligence Platform

It’s exactly three months since we last covered Flare Network, a Layer 1 Oracle network that gives developers access to the broadest range of decentralized data at scale. Back then, Flare announced it was teaming up with aiPX to launch a new decentralized non-custodial perpetual exchange. Fast forward three months later, Flare is building a new partnership.

Today, Flare announced that it is now live on the Arkham Intelligence platform, a blockchain analysis platform backed by billionaire investors Peter Thiel and Sam Altman. With this partnership, Flare network users will be able to leverage the Arkham Intelligence Platform to analyze network data, seek actionable on-chain insights through the Arkham Oracle, and engage in Flare-related activities on the Arkham Intel Exchange.

Commenting on the collaboration with Arkham Intelligence, Flare co-founder and CEO Hugo Philion said: “Flare is the blockchain for data – the only blockchain optimized for decentralized data acquisition. It’s therefore only right that we provide network builders and participants with the best possible analytics tools to allow them to make proper data-driven decisions. Arkham’s platform is both powerful and user-friendly so we are happy they have chosen to support the Flare network.”

Arkham utilizes ULTRA, its proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) engine, to enhance transparency within the crypto industry. This AI-driven platform assists in matching blockchain addresses with real-world entities, shedding light on the people and companies behind crypto activity. With Arkham, Flare users gain access to real-time data on top traders and investors globally. They can monitor their portfolios, conduct due diligence, predict market trends, track fund flows, conduct individual research, and report any suspicious fund activities.

Miguel Morel, founder and CEO of Arkham, expressed excitement about adding support for yet another blockchain, especially one like Flare, which prioritizes data and data-driven decision-making. He emphasized Arkham’s commitment to expanding its coverage to provide much-needed transparency to the crypto industry.

Philion founded Flare in 2019 with his Co-Founder Sean Rowan after he left his job in 2016 to study machine learning at University College London, where he met his Rowan, and Chief Scientist, Nairi Usher. Flare stands as the blockchain for data, offering an EVM smart contract platform that enhances the utility of blockchain technology.

By incorporating decentralized oracles within the network’s structure, Flare ensures trustless access to a wide range of data, including price and time series data, blockchain events and states, and web2 API data. This data accessibility at scale and minimal cost positions Flare as a utility layer within the blockchain industry, supporting the development of innovative use cases.

Arkham was founded in 2020 by Miguel Morel, an experienced entrepreneur with a deep understanding of cryptocurrency markets. Miguel’s extensive background in navigating emerging crypto markets has provided valuable insights into the intelligence requirements of decision-makers in sectors such as government, venture capital, and trading. Additionally, Miguel has invested in various technology startups, further expanding his expertise in the tech industry.

Arkham has garnered significant attention from notable investors within the crypto industry and beyond. This includes an undisclosed co-founder from OpenAI, Joe Lonsdale (Co-Founder of Palantir and 8VC), Tim Draper (Founder of Draper Associates), Wintermute, GSR, and Geoff Lewis (Founder of Bedrock). The company has also forged recent partnerships with key players like TradingView, Trust Wallet, BNB Chain, Tron, and Avalanche

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