Generative AI startup AudioStack raises $3.1.5M pre-Series A round to revolutionize audio production

London-based AI startup AudioStack has raised $3,15 million (£2.5 million) in a pre-Series A round led by Quadri Ventures, with participation from existing investors including prominent angel investor Fred Destin and media investor and former CEO of AdsWizz, Alexis van de Wyer, who sits on the board.

AudioStack plans to use the fresh capital infusion to shake up large-scale audio production for businesses using AI. The funding marks another win for the sizzling AI space as investors pour billions into promising generative AI startups.

Founded in 2019 by Timo Kunz (a musician with a Ph.D. in AI), Peadar Coyle, and Björn Ühss, AudioStack, part of the same ecosystem as ElevenLabs, a recent unicorn with an $80 million raise. AudioStack’s customers included big names like McDonald’s, Porsche, and Mountain Dew among its clients, alongside agencies like Omnicom and Publicis, and publishers such as Acast and iHeart.

In a statement, Alexis van de Wyer said: “There is huge market potential for AudioStack and this pre-Series A round will build on the impressive momentum the team have already achieved. I know from experience that large brands and agencies are crying out for a solution to the problems that hold back audio production.”

AudioStack’s technology offers a comprehensive platform for scalable audio production, covering everything from voiceovers to dynamic creatives and brand voice synthesis. It enables the creation of studio-quality audio assets at a rapid pace, potentially reducing production turnaround time from days to mere hours or minutes.

By leveraging advanced AI, AudioStack disrupts an industry bogged down by manual processes. With co-founders Dr. Timo Kunz, Peadar Coyle, and Björn Ühss at the helm, the company is making waves in the ad world, collaborating with major agencies and global brands.

Dr. Kunz emphasizes that this funding will accelerate global expansion and strengthen their successful business cases. Quadri Ventures, known for backing SaaS companies with AWS integration, sees AudioStack as a game-changer in audio production, poised for hypergrowth.

AudioStack positions itself as the premier solution for automated, scalable AI audio production. Their technology streamlines complex workflows, delivering high-quality audio efficiently and at scale.

Commenting on the funding round, Dr. Kunz said: “This funding round will enable us to continue our global growth and double down on the business cases that are working so well: we have been helping our customers realize enormous savings throughout their creative processes while enabling them to massively scale the output of their production to levels they never dreamed of, allowing us to supercharge creativity.”

AudiStack Team

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