How an Estonian gaming company took the USA by storm

When companies launch new products, all they can do is hope that the market will be receptive to them. But for Estonian company B2Services OÜ, their social casino launch was a huge success! From the time they introduced McLuck to the market, people flocked to the site in large numbers, and its popularity continues. We examine why this new casino concept has been a hit, especially in the USA. Companies can borrow a leaf from this evident success story by reviewing these unique advantages.

What is McLuck?

In the past, people equated casino games to cash-intensive practices. After all, they had to use money to buy game tickets. This approach had two glaring issues:

  1. Legality: Since casino games necessitated money exchanges, most governments termed the games as illegal for various reasons. As such, players had to either sign up on foreign sites or forego games.
  2. Cost: The need to pay for gaming often barred many players from enjoying games. Even when casinos went online and reduced the playing costs, many people could still not afford to play games frequently.

So, how did McLuck change this? Well, it is a social casino. Thanks to this, anyone can sign up on the site and play casino games without paying. Instead of cash, players enjoy two types of currencies:

  1. Gold coins: These allow players to enjoy social casinos without paying for the games. These coins are available to players who sign up on the site, complete challenges, or win games.
  2. Sweepstake coins: These are available to players who win games or complete contests. Once they reach a certain level, players can exchange them for actual prizes.

Wins do not result in cash payouts. Instead, players get more coins to level up the ranks or cash out in sweepstakes, which does not constitute gambling. So, by changing just one thing, this casino changed everything!

What Makes This Site Unique?

Social casinos have been on the rise in the past few years. And McLuck has been at the forefront of this revolution as it offers the following advantages:

  1. It is legal: Since players can enjoy actual casino games without paying for them, joining this site is not gambling. And in the US, this is a massive step as most jurisdictions okay such sites. As such, players can enjoy their favorite games without breaking the law. In fact, only the following states bar the casino: Alabama, Nevada, Michigan, Georgia, Kentucky, Idaho, and Washington.
  2. It has simple registration: Joining McLuck is a straightforward process that takes a few minutes. Once a player has provided their basic details and verified their identity, they can enjoy the games immediately.
  3. It offers several bonuses: New and returning players enjoy different promotions to help them boost their performance. Take the example of the welcome bonus – it gives players extra coins to use in games, thus giving them an edge. Other rewards include daily login boosts and loyalty coins.
  4. It has hundreds of games. Variety is one of the most important aspects of a casino site. Players want to enjoy several games on the same site. In McLuck, the categories range from slots to jackpots to megaways. A player can thus move from one game to the other to find what matches their preferences the most. And thanks to frequent updates, players can look forward to new games often.
  5. It is accessible via various devices: Players can enjoy games on the go via mobile phones as the playing site has been optimized for mobile use. Besides mobile websites, players can access the games via mobile apps and desktops. Regardless of the smart device, the casino operator has ensured that players can enjoy a seamless experience.
  6. It offers social experiences: One of the reasons players love social casinos is the chance to interact with others like they would in a physical casino. McLuck offers numerous such opportunities. Take the example of the daily competitions. Players compete to bag these prizes, much like what they would experience in a physical setting.
  7. It is affordable: Players can enjoy different games without investing money. When they sign up on the site, they get free gold or sweepstake coins, which they can earn additional by completing challenges or winning games. The site also allows players to purchase gold coins if they run out.
  8. It has unique gifts: Players can enjoy a wide array of prizes thanks to the mix of social casino and sweepstake games. Gold coins are not redeemable as cash and are instead used to pay for more games. However, sweepstake coins allow players to cash out in gift cards or other cash prizes that benefit players.

This site also works as an ideal training ground for players who wish to level up and showcase their casino game skills to others. By continuously playing these exciting games, they can hone their skills and become such pros that they can even play international games. And best of all, the practice won’t cost them a dime!

So, what can other companies learn from this? McLuck hinges on innovation that addresses market needs. For a long time, players hoped to enjoy casino games at no cost. And thanks to this site, they can now do it. Excelling in any industry is as simple as this!

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