iCleanse, a Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) startup, secures $1M in credit financing to expand its Swift UV phone disinfection stations used in public spaces

iCleanse, a Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) startup that develops Swift UV stations for phone disinfection in public spaces, has secured $1 million in credit financing from Enhanced Capital. The fresh funding will support the company’s expansion, including R&D efforts, staffing, and the scaling of its Swift UV stations in public places like museums and hotel lobbies

In conjunction with the funding, iCleanse announced the addition of Greg Reilly to its advisory board. Greg, a seasoned healthcare marketing expert currently serving as Global President for Dentsu Health, will provide valuable insights to shape iCleanse’s product vision and roadmap.

Founded in 2012, iCleanse offers Swift UV units designed to enhance phone hygiene and generate advertising revenue for businesses. These units disinfect high-touch surfaces, including mobile phones, tablets, body cams, and more, with applications in over 100 U.S. hospitals. The Swift UV disinfection stations not only ensure quick and effective phone disinfection in just 15 seconds but also showcase digital content on high-resolution 10-inch LCD displays, engaging audiences with educational, branding, or advertising materials.

In a statement, iCleanse CEO Chris Allen Sr. said: “Following our credit financing round last year and the uptick we’ve experienced deploying Swift UV units, this is a great milestone in our company’s growth. As the world has opened post-COVID, there is an increasing interest from people looking to keep their mobile phones sanitized and for businesses to offer self-service UV stands to meet this need – all while providing an advertising revenue opportunity. We will continue to grow iCleanse as the company addresses the need for DOOH media and disinfected smartphones.”

iCleanse provides Swift UV disinfection stations that serve a dual purpose in public spaces. Not only do these stations swiftly and effectively disinfect users’ smartphones in just 15 seconds, eliminating 99.99% of pathogens, including the coronavirus, but they also feature high-resolution 10-inch LCD display screens (with a future option for 14-inch screens).

The iCleanse Swift UV is not just a disinfection product; it also functions as a versatile Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) media tool. The device also has the capability to showcase advertisements and deliver relevant messages for your business, all managed securely through the iCleanse Cloud platform.

Businesses strategically place these stations to engage their audience with educational, branding, or advertising content, whether in video or still image format. This innovative approach enhances smartphone hygiene while offering an interactive and captivating experience for users in public spaces.

“Many businesses, particularly ones in the hospitality, event space, and museum industries, understand the importance of having disinfection stands available for people visiting their buildings.  Many of them, however, do not realize that these stands offer a new revenue stream for them, which is where iCleanse has developed the right solution to meet the needs of the greater public good while helping these businesses’ bottom line,” said Mark Slusar, Managing Partner, Enhanced Capital.

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