Startups partners with KREA to overcome global GPU shortage and unlock AI potential

Decentralized computing network, fresh off its recent $30 million funding round, is partnering with the AI-driven design platform KREA. The collaboration promises to revolutionize AI-powered multimedia creation by harnessing’s GPU computational power for KREA users.

With a global shortage of GPUs posing challenges for AI operations, this alliance couldn’t come at a better time. will be supplying KREA with NVIDIA A100-80Gs GPUs, leveraging Kubernetes framework, a staple among machine learning engineers, to ensure seamless integration.

As the adoption of AI continues to soar, so does the demand for GPUs, exacerbating the global shortage. KREA, renowned for its real-time AI image and video creation capabilities, will now have access to NVIDIA A100-80Gs clusters courtesy of This strategic move not only addresses KREA’s computational needs but also capitalizes on’s market-leading rates, reported to be 70% cheaper than the industry average according to

The partnership marks a significant expansion for KREA, whose client roster already boasts industry heavyweights like Nike, Apple, and Meta. By providing computational capabilities for its AI initiatives, KREA solidifies its position as a frontrunner in the generative art field, reported.

In a statement, underscored its commitment to fostering a two-sided network for compute, wherein AI startups thrive while idle computing power is efficiently utilized, benefitting GPU owners such as crypto miners. With ambitions to grow its network to encompass one million GPUs, aims to empower clients to tackle AI/ML computational tasks on demand.

“In onboarding GPU providers and consumers, is powering a two-sided network for compute. In addition to allowing AI-based startups to flourish, this arrangement ensures that idle computing power is used efficiently, allowing GPU owners such as crypto miners to maximize revenue. ultimately aims to create a network of one million GPUs, allowing its clients to complete AI/ML computational tasks on demand,” the company said statement in a statement.

KREA’s appeal lies in its ability to offer a diverse range of AI-powered imagery and video creation tools, incorporating over 2,500 machine-learning models. This functionality caters to the needs of design agencies and global brands, facilitating rapid content creation at scale.

By leveraging’s GPU compute resources at competitive rates, KREA is poised for accelerated growth and enhanced scalability. Access to NVIDIA A100-80GB clusters at a fraction of the average market rate—$0.89 per hour compared to $3 per hour—ensures that KREA remains competitively positioned in the market while reducing operational costs.

With a decentralized network comprising over 300,000 GPU suppliers across 139 countries, has cemented its status as the world’s largest Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) focused on AI. By providing cost-effective and scalable computing solutions, aims to drive the utilization of idle computing power and optimize revenue for GPU owners.

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