Microsoft combines Microsoft To Do, Planner and Project into a new Microsoft Planner in Microsoft Teams

At its annual Ignite conference, Microsoft today announced that it plans to bring together its various planning tools like Microsoft To Do, Microsoft Planner and Microsoft Project for the web into what it calls a “unified experience” that will first be available in Microsoft Teams in the spring of 2024, with the web version launching later in 2024. This new experience will go by the name of “Microsoft Planner.”

Tasks by Planner and the To Do app in Microsoft Teams will immediately be renamed to Planner, Microsoft explains in its announcement. Meanwhile, Microsoft Project for the web will only be renamed in the coming months — some rebrandings take longer than others, I guess.

Since every Microsoft service now comes with an AI copilot, there will be a copilot in Planner, too, which will be able to help users plan things faster and suggest new tasks. A dream for every planner.

The main goal here, it seems, is to bring together these three disparate experiences (to do lists, kanban-style planning tools and project management for more complex use cases) under a single umbrella that can scale from individual task management to full-on project management.

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