PerfectScale raises $7.1M in funding to help companies optimize their Kubernetes deployments

PerfectScale, a North Carolina-based tech startup that helps companies optimize and scale their Kubernetes deployments, has closed $7.1 million in seed funding to grow its team and scale its platform.

This round was led by Blumberg Capital, with participation from previous investors UpWest, Prelude Ventures, and additional investors K2 Access Fund, Inner Loop Capital, Triangle Tweener Fund, and Firestreak Ventures. The latest investment brings the company’s total funding to nearly $10 million.

This investment in PerfectScale underscores the increasing significance of Kubernetes optimization. With this recent funding round, PerfectScale plans to grow its team, innovate its platform, and extend its reach through enhanced sales and marketing efforts.

The startup aims to simplify and revolutionize Day-2 Kubernetes operations, addressing the challenges related to performance, resource optimization, and cost control that organizations face. PerfectScale also intends to strengthen its relationships with global companies by expanding its sales and technical customer support teams.

In addition, PerfectScale said it plans to launch a comprehensive partner program to support the growing Kubernetes community, managed service providers (MSPs), and consultancy ecosystems. These initiatives are part of PerfectScale’s strategy to become a leader in Kubernetes optimization, ensuring that organizations can achieve and maintain their desired application performance, efficiency, and cost benchmarks.

In recent years, Kubernetes has become incredibly popular as most cloud workloads now running on it. The market for Kubernetes is expected to grow to a whopping $7.8 billion by 2027. As cloud-native infrastructure deployments surge ahead, Kubernetes remains a top choice. However, this rapid adoption is causing challenges for organizations in terms of managing the complexity that comes with large-scale, cloud-native setups. The critical factor for success is becoming proficient in what’s known as “Day 2 Kubernetes operations,” where the primary focus is on optimizing costs and performance.

Founded in March 2022 by CEO Amir Banet, Eli Birger, and Michael Sklyar, PerfectScale’s platform employs artificial intelligence to assist companies in optimizing their Kubernetes deployments, focusing on factors like cost, performance, and reliability. The platform has the capability to automatically adjust resource allocation based on demand and can identify and resolve performance bottlenecks.

“We’ve identified staggering inefficiencies in the oversight of Kubernetes infrastructure: Businesses either overextending resources and incurring cloud costs upwards of 300% more than necessary or inadequate resource allocation resulting in service disruption,” said Amir Banet, Co-founder and CEO of PerfectScale. “Our mission is simple yet transformative – to level the playing field for optimizing Kubernetes costs and performance, turning what was once only attainable to elite DevOps and R&D teams into an accessible solution for all.”

The company claims that its platform can potentially reduce Kubernetes-related costs by up to 50%. Moreover, it is used by businesses to enhance the overall performance and reliability of their Kubernetes deployments. Kubernetes is a widely used container orchestration platform for managing and deploying containerized applications. Although powerful, Kubernetes can be intricate and challenging to manage. PerfectScale’s platform simplifies the management of Kubernetes deployments, making it more cost-effective, efficient, and reliable.

“As enterprises increasingly adopt container-based applications, optimizing Kubernetes becomes a critical concern. PerfectScale has the strategic vision and team to shape the future of cloud-native adoption,” said Ilia Shnaidman, Vice President at Blumberg Capital. “We look forward to a long-term partnership with the PerfectScale team and investors, and welcome them to our portfolio of visionary teams building and solving growing problems for enterprises.”

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