Salesforce launches two new AI tools for doctors and healthcare workers

Salesforce on Thursday unveiled two new data and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions designed specifically for healthcare professionals, aiming to alleviate their burdensome administrative tasks. These AI tools promise to revolutionize workflows, empowering medical practitioners to focus more on patient care and less on paperwork.

At the forefront is the innovative “Einstein Copilot: Health Actions,” a tool empowering physicians to seamlessly manage appointments, summarize patient information, and facilitate referrals through AI-driven conversational prompts. This breakthrough, detailed in a recent release, underscores Salesforce’s commitment to revolutionizing healthcare workflows.

Complementing Einstein Copilot is the second feature, “Assessment Generation,” which enables organizations to digitize health assessments, such as surveys, without the laborious process of manual typing or coding. This forward-thinking solution promises to streamline administrative processes, offering a reprieve for healthcare workers grappling with paperwork overload.

Both tools are anchored in Salesforce’s robust Einstein 1 Platform, providing health organizations with a centralized hub to amalgamate diverse medical data from sources like insurance claims systems and electronic health records. The platform’s ability to unify scattered data sources addresses a critical pain point in the healthcare industry, where disparate databases and formats hinder efficient information retrieval.

The announcement comes a year after Salesforce launched EinsteinGPT, an LLM product that uses an OpenAI ChatGPT model to integrate with Salesforce’s main web app product that keeps track of how often salespeople contact leads. EinsteinGPT is also capable of automatically writing marketing emails.

Administrative overhead has long plagued healthcare professionals, contributing significantly to burnout rates among physicians., as highlighted in a recent survey by Athenahealth.

Recognizing the pervasive issue of burnout among healthcare professionals, particularly driven by arduous administrative tasks, Salesforce’s initiative aligns with the findings of a recent survey by Athenahealth. Most physicians report experiencing burnout regularly, with administrative demands cited as a primary stressor. The survey further highlighted that over 90% of physicians experience burnout regularly, with 64% feeling overwhelmed by administrative demands, CNBC reported.

The complex nature of healthcare data, scattered across multiple databases and formats, only exacerbates the issue, making data retrieval a time-consuming ordeal. Consequently, integrating healthcare systems presents a ripe opportunity for tech giants like Google, Amazon Web Services, and Salesforce, to leverage their cloud-based CRM tools to address these challenges.

Salesforce’s strategic move leverages technology to address these challenges, offering a lifeline to healthcare workers. The significance of unifying data across healthcare systems has not gone unnoticed by tech giants like Google, Amazon Web Services, and Salesforce, all vying to provide cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) tools tailored to the unique needs of the healthcare sector.

Einstein Copilot: Health Actions empowers doctors to effortlessly generate comprehensive patient summaries, encompassing critical details such as medications, clinical service requests, diagnoses, and tests. By harnessing the power of AI to automate this process, physicians can reclaim valuable time that was previously spent navigating disparate data sources.

Salesforce is poised to roll out the Assessment Generation tool to the public this summer, marking a significant milestone in the digitization of health assessments. Meanwhile, Einstein Copilot: Health Actions is slated for availability by the year’s end. Notably, Salesforce underscores its commitment to compliance with HIPAA regulations, with all Einstein Copilot features and functionalities expected to align with these standards by the summer. This strategic move positions Salesforce at the forefront of ushering in a new era of efficiency and relief for healthcare professionals.

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