Saltdripia accurate salt dispenser eliminates the guesswork

Boasting precision in seasoning, the Saltdripia accurate salt dispenser eliminates guesswork in measurements. Make your seasoning experience a breeze.


6 dispensing handles: With a 6-level dispensing system and an Auxiliary Retrieval Mechanism that prevents spills, it ensures a mess-free experience.
Dual-scale gradations: Carefully selected with input from the American Heart Association, the gradations provide 1/10, 1/4, and 1/2 teaspoon measures.
Mess-free glass rimming: Saltdripia’s bottom design allows for rimming of cocktail glasses with salt or sugar, bringing a professional touch to your home bar.
Anti-spill design: Engineered for durability, Saltdripia is great for RV trips and outdoor adventures. The secure design prevents spills even on bumpy roads.
Easy refill and eco-friendly structure: With a refillable structure and a capacity of 300 grams, Saltdripia is easy to refill through the bottom cover, promoting sustainability and long-term use.


Saltdripia’s materials and design ensure safety, durability, and precision.

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