Sam Altman: “We have more unity and commitment and focus than ever before. We are all going to work together …one team, one mission”

The OpenAI drama is beginning to get more interesting. Shortly after Microsoft revealed the hiring of OpenAI co-founder and former CEO Sam Altman, Altman took to X to share a message of increased unity, commitment, and focus within the team.

In a cryptic message on X, Altman hinted at the collaboration ahead, expressing excitement about the future. He said:

“We have more unity and commitment and focus than ever before. We are all going to work together some way or other, and i’m so excited. One team, one mission.”

The post comes a few hours after hundreds of OpenAI employees, including co-founder Ilya Sutskever, collectively signed a letter calling for the resignation of the remaining OpenAI board members and threatened to join Sam Altman’s new venture at Microsoft. According to the report, 505 of 700 OpenAI employees asked the board to resign following the firing of the company’s co-founder and former CEO, Sam Altman.

Earlier today, Microsoft announced it has hired Sam Altman and Greg Brockman to lead an advanced AI research team. “We’re extremely excited to share the news that Sam Altman and Greg Brockman, together with colleagues, will be joining Microsoft to lead a new advanced AI research team,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in a post on X.

It all started on Friday when Altman was abruptly fired by OpenAI’s board without any prior notice, not even to Microsoft, which had invested a substantial $13 billion in the creator of ChatGPT. Brockman resigned in protest, causing significant upheaval at the influential tech company.

OpenAI was founded in 2015 by Elon Musk and Sam Altman as a non-profit research institution with a singular mission to forge the path toward the creation of safe and advantageous artificial general intelligence (AGI). Throughout its journey, OpenAI has built a series of remarkable AI systems, among them the influential GPT-3 language model and the innovative DALL-E 2 image generation model. The company has received at least $13 billion in investment from Microsoft and is reportedly valued at $86 billion.

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