Shazam can now identify songs from YouTube, Instagram and TikTok on iOS

Apple is rolling out a new update to Shazam, the company’s app that helps users identify songs. In addition to recognizing songs using the microphone, Shazam can now identify songs on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. This can be really handy when you are looking at a video and the description doesn’t include any information about the background track.

In the latest update (v15.36), as 9to5Mac first spotted, the company described the process to identify a song on any of the above-mentioned apps. Open Shazam, tap the blue button and head back to YouTube, Instagram or TikTok to get the results.

Shazam is also available on Android phones. On that platform, the app provides a similar feature when it comes to recognizing songs from other apps. However, users have to explicitly give permission to listen to the audio from other apps. In 2019, the Apple-owned app gained the ability to recognize songs you’re listening to through your headphones.

Apple completed Shazam’s acquisition in 2018 for $400 million. Shortly after that, it added a Shazam option for Control Center in iOS. Users can put a button for song recognition directly from there.

In May, TikTok launched a “New Music” feature. TikTok helps users search for new tracks and artists by promoting their latest releases.

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