Spotify Tests AI-Powered Tool to Translate Podcasts in Local Languages Using Your Voice: How It Works

Spotify has begun testing an AI-powered tool that will allow podcast creators to translate their episodes into different languages. The audio streaming platform has embraced the use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) to allow podcast hosts to automatically provide versions of their shows in additional languages — while preserving their voice across all translated versions. The company says it is using ChatGPT creator OpenAI’s recently unveiled voice generation technology to offer the new translation feature that is claimed to preserve the original speaker’s style.

The streaming platform announced on Monday that voice translated episodes from podcast creators — in English — that are part of the testing program, will be available in French, German, and Spanish in the coming weeks. These episodes will be available to users on the free and premium tiers in all countries where Spotify is available.

Spotify is claiming that the tool, which uses OpenAI’s voice generation technology, is capable of matching the podcast host’s style of speaking. Unlike dubbed podcast episodes, the voice translation feature will provide a more personal and authentic experience as it will give regional listeners the ability to listen to the episode in the host’s voice, according to the streaming service.

The new voice translation tool is already in testing with podcast hosts Bill Simmons, Dax Shepard, Lex Fridman, Monica Padman, and Steven Bartlett and the platform will soon offer some of their existing episodes in French, German, and Spanish.

Episodes released by these podcasters in the future will also be translated automatically, according to the platform. Spotify also says that Trevor Noah’s upcoming original podcast is expected to gain support for the automatic translation tool when it launches later this year.

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