Tesla engineers unveil in-house audio system that produces 120dB+ for a kick drum you can feel in your stomach –

Are you ready to experience heart-pounding excitement and rhythmic immersion like never before? Tesla’s team of engineers has unveiled an in-house audio system that can generate an impressive 120dB+ output, delivering the kind of kick drum sensation that resonates deep within your core.

In a YouTube video released on Friday titled, “Tesla Audio | Maximum Music Dopamine,” the Tesla team provided a comprehensive overview of the company’s proprietary audio system design. The video delved into the distinctive features of the system and offered detailed explanations of the various elements that contribute to its exceptional audio quality.

“In order to make a really good sound system for our customers, we need to meet many aspects of sound quality. Number one is tonal balance, enough bass and treble, etc., but also stereo imaging. You also want low distortion and you want to be able to play loud. If all of these four things are really strong, then it’s really a great sound system,” said a Tesla engineer named Markus.

The kick drum, known for its backbeat resonance, has the power to evoke a visceral “oomph” that reverberates through your stomach. Its extraordinary sensation is achieved through the system’s mastery of low frequencies emanating from the kick drum, which can be so profound that you feel them resonate within your stomach.

Crafted entirely in-house, Tesla’s cutting-edge audio system promises an exceptional listening adventure, whether you’re indulging in music, gaming, or immersive video content. It guarantees an unparalleled experience, regardless of your chosen seat within the vehicle.

The new Tesla’s audio system, which incorporates a subwoofer and woofers, goes beyond the confines of the screen or the vehicle, amplifying the impact of watching a movie to make it sound much larger and more immersive. In a video clip posted on X (formerly Twitter), Tesla said:

“120dB+ for a kick drum you can feel in your stomach ???? Developed entirely in-house, our audio system provides an excellent listening experience for music, gaming or video content, no matter which seat you’re in.”


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