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Despite the recent decline in the cryptocurrency market, interest in the industry is at an all-time high. This is due in part to rising inflation, which has led investors to seek out alternative assets to protect their wealth.

While the cryptocurrency market is still volatile, the long-term trend is clear: Cryptocurrency adoption is on the rise. And this is why Hourglass Collective is launching a new reality TV show to bring the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency to a mainstream audience.

Today, “The Next Crypto Gem,” a reality series featuring prominent figures from the blockchain sphere, announced its debut for season one. The inaugural episode, produced by The Hourglass Collective, is scheduled to air on September 7th, 2023, at 9 pm EST/6 pm PST, showcasing a lineup of crypto influencers and industry leaders including Brian D. Evans, Layah Heilpern, and George Tung, will serve as judges during the competition. Season 1 will also feature cameo appearances by original Shark Tank investor Kevin Harrington, renowned poker player Tom Dwan, and the well-known YouTuber Ben “BitBoy Crypto” Armstrong.

Dubbed the “Shark Tank of crypto,” “The Next Crypto Gem” draws inspiration from entrepreneurial programs like “The Apprentice” while incorporating the competitive format of “The Voice.” Its primary objective is to introduce the fast-paced realm of cryptocurrency to a broader, mainstream audience. Season one, co-funded by NEFT Entertainment, led by Hourglass Collective Chairman Jeff Mahony, and Hourglass Collective President Jett Tang, completed filming in March, laying the foundation for an engaging and informative show.

In a statement, Jett Tang said: “The Next Crypto Gem captures everything that makes the cryptocurrency industry so compelling and brings these elements to a mainstream audience for the first time. The teamwork; the rivalry; the larger-than-life characters and the out-the-box ideas: they’re all here, packaged in a format that will be easily absorbable to television viewers. Crypto is the greatest show on earth and now, in The Next Crypto Gem, the industry’s got the series it’s always deserved.”

“The Next Crypto Gem” will have a global reach, with availability on Insight TV’s network spanning 178 platforms across 56 countries. Viewers can access Insight TV’s channels through various means, including Linear, Fast, and OTT platforms such as Samsung TV Plus, LG, Rakuten, Pluto, Amazon Prime, and Amazon Freevee. Additional confirmed platforms include DirectTv, DistroTV, FuboTV, Sinclair TV, Verizon Media, Sling Comcast, and Cox.

Throughout the show, contestants will face a series of undisclosed challenges, designed to be engaging and fast-paced. Crypto influencers Brian D. Evans, Layah Heilpern, and George Tung will take on the role of judges, responsible for evaluating the final four contestants and determining the ultimate winner.

While entertainment takes center stage, the program also aims to educate its audience about fundamental crypto concepts like blockchain, tokenomics, and wallets. However, its primary goal is to capture the essence of crypto culture and introduce it to an audience with limited prior exposure to the industry’s unique and diverse characteristics. Plans for a second season of “The Next Crypto Gem” are already in motion.

The Hourglass Collective is on a mission to promote the adoption of real-world blockchain technology. Its mission involves extending the practical applications of Web3 technology by nurturing projects that establish connections between the cryptocurrency realm and mainstream entertainment, popular applications, well-known retail brands, and large-scale events.

In addition to producing “The Next Crypto Gem” TV Show, the Hourglass Collective has supported Alpha District, a blockchain-based RPG ecosystem. The Alpha District team boasts experience on major AAA gaming projects like Star Wars: Eclipse, Assassin’s Creed, Clash of Clans, and Detroit: Become Human. Furthermore, the Hourglass Collective has incubated Kosmos, an app that empowers fiction writers to connect with readers through self-publishing. The organization also has a lineup of over half a dozen additional incubated projects in development.

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