The Steamplify Mount Arm has a cold shoe mount for various devices

Maximize your setup with the Streamplify Mount Arm. It holds a range of devices, including cameras and lights.


Versatile Device Support: Designed with a unique cold shoe mount rail, you can slide and secure your gadgets anywhere on the arm.

Flexible Positioning: The Mount Arm boasts a fully adjustable design, featuring a 360° rotating swivel and 210° angle adjustment.

Extended Reach: Extend the arm up to 75cm vertically or horizontally. You can also retract it for additional space saving.

Robust Construction: The Mount Arm is sturdy, supporting loads up to 2.5kg.

Efficient Cable Management: With 4 adjustable cable management clips, you can organize and tidy up your cables effortlessly.

Space-Saving Design: The Mount Arm mounts onto the side of your desk, minimizing clutter and maximizing workspace efficiency.


Make your setup more versatile with this device mount rail!

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