This ePaper device has an easily portable size

Carry your eReader everywhere when it’s the BOOX Palma. This ePaper device boasts a phone-size design that easily fits in your bag.


Pocket-sized design and cutting-edge tech: With an advanced Qualcomm octa-core CPU and expandable storage, this new eReader supports eBooks, podcasts, news feeds, and limitless third-party apps.
A phone-like experience: Meanwhile, the aspect ratio is one you usually see on smartphones. So, the Palma fits easily in your bag, and rests comfortably in your hand.
Easy-to-use custom widgets: Then, you can set a customized home screen on this portable eReader using widgets.
Protect your eyes while reading: What’s more, the state-of-the-art E Ink Carta 1200 display keeps your eyes healthy. You can use it for viewing everyday content without eye strain.


Finally, this ePaper device has a water-repellant construction, a camera, and 6 GB RAM. Get it for a healthier reading experience!

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