This hitch-mounted tent travels easily

Take your adventure on the road with the Thule Outset hitch-mounted tent. This innovative camping gadget mounts to your vehicle’s towbar and keeps you comfortable outdoors. See its standout features:


Towbar Mount: Save space in your vehicle for other things thanks to the Towbar Mount. It mounts the tent directly to your towbar for easy transport.

2 Mounting Options: Additionally, you can mount this tent to either the roof or rear of your car, for versatility.

Rugged Design: What’s more, you can be sure that this hitch-mounted tent withstands the elements. It has undergone rigorous testing at Thule’s world-class facilities.

Sleek Design: While this rooftop tent is durable, it also has a beautiful design. It boasts a modern shape and calming color palette.


Enhance your camping trips with the Thule Outset!

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