This portable microwave by Mikita is easy to transport

Heat up food on job sites, during outdoor adventures, and more with the Makita NEWMW001GZ 40V max XGT Portable Microwave. It boasts a large carrying handle and a compact design. Discover its features:


Easy to Transport: Take this portable microwave anywhere thanks to its carrying handle and space-saving design. It only takes up 1.5 cubic feet.

Powerful Design: Warm your meals to perfection with the 2-mode power selection in either 500W or 350W.

Durable Build: Moreover, you don’t have to worry about this compact microwave. It boasts a water-resistant design, a tempered glass door, and a dust-resistant inlet port.

Large Capacity: Thanks to the 2.1-gallon interior, this travel-friendly microwave has plenty of space for your meals.

Charging Feature: This gadget even has a built-in USB port that you can use for charging your other devices.


Enjoy a hot meal on the go, with the Makita NEWMW001GZ!

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