This secure off-grid communicator offers free voice & text messaging

Convert your smartphone into a walkie talkie with the Orange Dongle secure off-grid communicator. There’s even a model for your laptop!


Works anywhere: You don’t have to pay any fees to cellular companies, and you have no location limitations. It works in the middle of oceans!
Secure and encrypted data transmission: It transmits data securely between your laptops, desktop computers, and tablets. It’s virtually impossible for anyone to intercept or decode your communications thanks to 2-layered encryption.
2 types of dongles: The USB Orange Dongle works for laptops, and the Mobile Orange Dongle works for smartphone use.
Location sharing: Share your location using the Mobile Orange Dongle Model and through the offline app.


Overall, it boasts super secure connectivity because it works outside the realm of traditional internet infrastructure. So you can rest assured no one is storing your conversations.

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