This wearable cooler is redefining the air conditioning landscape

Experience the innovative Personal Aircon by Silent Cicada wearable cooler. It’s tailored for various lifestyles and needs. Backed by scientific principles, it prioritizes safety, effectiveness, and natural cooling responses.


For Outdoor Enthusiasts: Altering temperature perception for a cooler experience, ideal for those feeling hotter than others in the same environment.
For Gym Lovers: Providing real-time muscle cooling to enhance performance during workouts and accelerate muscle recovery.
For Students: Assisting in staying calm and focused, potentially improving academic performance without directly affecting IQ.

Convenient Design: Many wearable cooling devices like aircon vests, fan jackets, and vest coolers are bulky and uncomfortable. The Personal Aircon, however, fits like a watch around your wrist.

Safe Wear: What’s more, this cooler’s wrist-based design gives you peace of mind—it’s easy to see and access.


With intuitive features and real-time muscle cooling, the Personal Aircon provides unmatched comfort and performance during workouts and daily activities.

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